Welcome to SunEV, your full-line electric vehicle manufacturer. SunEV produces a wide variety of shuttles, trams and people movers to meet many facility transport needs. If your managers and staff spend time walking around your plant facility, it may be time to consider a golf car shuttle.

The equipment will quickly and safely deliver the employees, tools and products to the needed areas of your operation and back to their workspace. Traditionally, personnel carriers have been used to move customers around as a convenience. However, these units offer much more. The use of a SunEV shuttle can quickly increase productivity when utilized for employee movement.

Select from our Shuttle Series including the standard Shuttles, Lifted Shuttles and Trams. SunEV units are ideal for a variety of applications including apartment complexes, amusement centers, warehousing, manufacturing, hospitality, schools and universities. These environmentally friendly units are available in both 36V and 48V as well as 2-12 seat capacities. And don’t forget, SunEV golf cars come with standard features that are paid for options on other brands.